PondPack's robust analysis engine sizes ponds, develops outlet rating curves with tailwater effects, accounts for pond infiltration, calculates pond detention times, analyzes channels, performs interconnected pond routing computations, and handles divergent (multiple) outfalls.





PondPack can be used as a stand-alone application, and from within MicroStation or AutoCAD (PondPack for AutoCAD license required).



Save money with every pond design


PondPack has been delivering practical pond design and stormwater compliance to thousands of engineers for more than 15 years. The reason for PondPack's continued prominence within the industry is simple: it really does save you time with every design.


Quick and easy pond modeling; design a single pond or a complex watershed


Step-by-step automated pond sizing
Sleek new editing tools and interface
Start-to-finish watershed application
Pre- and post-development calculations
Agency-ready report and graph generation