Flowmaster can be used to quickly perform Hydraulic Analysis and Design  for dozens of element types, from pipes and open channels to drop inlets and weirs. 


Solve for any unknown property, design for any desired characteristic, and produce detailed reports and rating curves on the fly.


FlowMaster can be used for normal depth calculations to establish flood elevations based on fill requests along streams, creeks, and rivers.


FlowMaster’s interface is simple enough to be the easiest model you have ever used, yet so powerful, you will be solving real problems in just minutes.


Gradually varied flow: Perform gradually varied flow analysis and generate profiles for pipes and open channels.
Project Explorer: Work on multiple projects simultaneously and save them for future use.
More element types: Expand your hydraulic toolbox with new worksheets for parabolic channels and box and elliptical pipes.
Flexible interface: Configure toolbars and dock windows to create work environments that match your workflows.
Customizable graphs: Take complete control over every facet of rating curve plot appearance