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The FEMA-approved CulvertMaster is hands down the best tool available for solving culvert hydraulics problems. Incredibly flexible, fast, report-ready, and stress-free, CulvertMaster builds on the input you have on-hand while providing what you are missing.


Automatically compare and incorporate several design trials into complex hydraulic analyses and evaluate the results using the built-in Culvert Designer utility.

CulvertMaster streamlines complicated culvert hydraulics and will pay for itself on your first project.


Fast:   Quickly deliver robust, report-ready culvert designs. CulvertMaster builds on the input you have on-hand, providing you with any unknown design variable such as headwater depth, discharge, or culvert size
Easy:   From simple, single culvert sections to complex, multibarrel culverts with roadway overtopping, CulvertMaster helps you evaluate existing culverts and compare numerous design options with ease.
Reliable:   Use the built-in FHWA HDS-5 methodology, SCS or rational hydrology to deliver culvert designs that will stand the test of time.