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Structural Design & Analysis, Detailing and Connections

Resilient communications tower design is essential for the safety and longevity of communications towers. The solutions help ensure optimal tower performance through efficient design and analysis of the tower sites and structures. You can design and analyze complex communications towers with confidence to ensure compliance with industry design codes. Our solutions also provide for the design and documentation of network equipment and fiber connections at tower sites. 


Monopole, self-supporting, and guyed communication towers can be designed through physical modeling and parametric tools. You can define loads and simulate the conditions that will occur during the life of the communications tower to assure engineering integrity. Wind and seismic loads following the local standard reference load codes can be applied. 


Towers that serve multiple operators by hosting antennas and dishes often see equipment added, removed, or modified. These changes require structural analysis and engineering modifications to existing towers to ensure the proposed configuration changes are safe for installation. You can perform this analysis and, if needed, design reinforced changes for the tower to ensure the ongoing integrity of the tower.


You can also generate detailed design drawings, share models with detailing software, and produce fabrication details and schedules, construction drawings and associated documentation.

Structural Design & Analysis, Detailing and Connections

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