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Power Rail Overhead Line

Power Rail Overhead Line is a comprehensive 3D CAD design software application with built-in GIS for the layout, preliminary and detailed design, and detailing of overhead traction power supply systems/catenary. Utilizing the track geometry of Power Rail Track, Power Rail Overhead Line  follows established industry workflows and offers a high degree of automation, delivering significant productivity improvements and time savings for the design and maintenance of overhead line electrification (OLE) on global rail infrastructure projects.


Integrated Rules and Design Checks Identify Potential Problems


Power Rail Overhead Line supports a diverse range of rail networks – high speed, conventional, and metro – as well as a variety of rail-related equipment manufacturers. The software effectively accommodates hybrid systems where old and new technologies merge and often share OLE structures. Power Rail Overhead Line allows users to create relational, dynamic 3D models within which interactive changes can be made while element relationships such as mast, wires, structures, and assemblies are maintained and reflected immediately. Integrated rules and design checks identify potential problems, alerting users when standards are exceeded.


Users can generate realistic 3D models for analysis and visualization or produce fully annotated project drawings and deliverables for client approval and construction, and reports and schedules for design check sheets, cost estimates, delivery schedules, construction pick lists, and setting out on site. Power Rail Overhead Line promotes consistency and conformance to project standards. Connectivity throughout the entire process ensures OLE engineers can apply their engineering skill and judgment to achieve optimal design. After commissioning, data defining the OLE asset is provided to maintenance and operations for sustaining the network lifecycle – improving service, safety, and reliability.


Integrated CAD, Mapping, and GIS for Improved Decision Making


Power Rail Overhead Line delivers all the drafting and drawing production capabilities of MicroStation within a single application.  Civil AccuDraw, the civil version of MicroStation AccuDraw, provides an intuitive, precision drafting tool that anticipates the user’s intent, reducing the number of mouse clicks and streamlines the drafting process by supporting drafting conventions with options for station and offsets, bearings and distances, azimuths, and more. Today’s engineers and designers face a paradigm shift.  No longer are documents just for the current project or construction.  An engineer must provide information and designs that can carry beyond construction into operations, maintenance, and rehabilitation – and back to design, if necessary. Power Rail Overhead Line uniquely supports this evolution of civil engineering information, encompassing the entire civil project lifecycle. The information-rich modeling of Power Rail Overhead Line integrates with CAD, mapping, GIS, and even business tools like 3D PDFs, offering powerful capabilities that make the most of the engineer’s acquired knowledge while supporting traditional, proven methodologies.



Design Rules and Checks Promote Conformance to Standards


Power Rail Overhead Line includes user-configurable design rules to optimize mast spacing, stagger and wind deflection, and design checks to monitor parameters that include registration arm axial force, wire gradient, and change of wire gradient.  An intuitive, graphical user interface provides easy access to interactive design tools for the layout of OLE structures, enabling users to sketch alternative layouts while investigating design options.  The system works the way an OLE designer works.