PLAXIS - 2D Geotechnical Finite Element Analysis Software

Geotechnical Engineering
PLAXIS - 2D Geotechnical Finite Element Analysis Software

Perform two-dimensional analysis of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics. Engineering companies and institutions in the civil and geotechnical engineering industry count on PLAXIS for a variety of projects. From excavations, embankments, and foundations to tunneling, mining, and reservoir geomechanics, engineers rely on PLAXIS as their go-to finite element analysis application. 

Use predefined structural elements and loading types in a CAD-like environment for fast and efficient model creation, allowing you more time to interpret the results.

Capabilities include:-

•    Create finite element models
•    Analyze the effects of vibrations in the soil
•    Perform time dependent groundwater analysis
•    Account for the effects of heat flow

PLAXIS 2D Suite also includes the following modules:

•    PLAXIS 2D Dynamics for dynamic loading modeling
•    PLAXIS 2D PlaxFlow for time-dependent groundwater analysis
•    PLAXIS 2D Thermal for analysis of heat flow on the hydraulic and mechanical behavior of soil and structures