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LEAP Bridge Enterprise

LEAP Bridge Enterprise is a powerful modeling and analysis solution for small to medium-sized concrete bridges of all types: precast, cast-in-place, reinforced, and post-tensioned. This comprehensive bridge information modeling (BrIM) system offers a synthesis of geometric modeling, substructure, and superstructure analysis and design, and load rating in a single, information-rich environment. Intelligent data management, parametric modeling, and automated drawing production revolutionize the bridge delivery process.


All-in-One BrIM Solution Accelerates Performance


Innovative analysis, design, and load-rating functionality come together in one advanced environment in LEAP Bridge Enterprise. The direct exchange of project information – including bridge geometry, materials, loads, prestressing strand pattern, and shear reinforcement – helps users improve decision making for design and construction while connecting and enhancing workflow processes.


From a single interface, users tap into the full power of four specialized modules that share a common information model:


LEAP GEOMATH – Parametric bridge layout and design  


LEAP CONBOX – Analysis, design, and load rating for post-tensioned (PT) and reinforced concrete box girder, T-beam, and slab bridges 


LEAP CONSPAN – Analysis, design, and load rating for simple and multi-span precast and prestressed concrete bridges 


LEAP RC-PIER – Analysis and design of reinforced concrete abutments, piers, and foundations


The resulting information provides a rich data asset for as-built documentation, maintenance, and operations. When combined with Bentley tools for user collaboration and project data management, LEAP Bridge Enterprise becomes an ideal solution for professional bridge organizations, construction teams, maintenance and inspection crews, and bridge owner-operators. The software easily handles the vast majority of the bridges built today, making it the choice of bridge professionals worldwide.


Design-to-Spec Ensures Code Compliance


LEAP Bridge Enterprise automates design-to-specification for U.S., Canada, or India bridge design codes to ensure compliance with mandated practices. The software is delivered for the user’s choice of international design codes:


American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) specifications: 


AASHTO Standard (LFD: Load Factor Design

AASHTO LRFD (Load Resistance Factor Design) 

AASHTO LFR (Load Factor Rating)

AASHTO LRFR (Load & Resistance Factor Rating) 

Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC) specifications 

Indian Road Congress (IRC) bridge design specifications


The system has the flexibility to mix and match design and rating methodologies for verification.


Integrated Bridge Solution Improves Project Delivery


LEAP Bridge Enterprise is compatible with ProjectWise, Bentley’s platform for connecting people and information across project teams.


Running LEAP Bridge Enterprise with ProjectWise and/or ProjectWise Navigator, users are able to perform a synthesis of bridge information modeling, continuously sharing, reusing, and repurposing data. They enjoy the many benefits of real-time collaboration and streamlined engineering content management – working across multiple locations and time zones, among numerous contributors, companies, and stakeholders.