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BrIM (or Bridge Information Modeling) is a new and innovative approach to bridge engineering and project delivery. It fosters the use of data beyond bridge design and engineering needs to inform downstream processes such as fabrication, construction, operation, maintenance and inspection.


A bridge information model can be created by many people using an array of technology to answer broad-ranging needs. BrIM can benefit the entire bridge lifecycle, project selection through rehabilitation, resulting in the development of new best-practices. A 3D model of the bridge can serve as a window into the vast bridge information asset.


LEAP Bridge Enterprise is a bridge solution for concrete, steel or composite bridges and meets all local and ASHTO design requirements.  For more complex and large scale bridge projects with requirements as well for dynamic analysis, choose RM Bridge.


2D/3D/4D Bridge Design, Analysis, Fabrication, and Construction

Modeling and analysis solution for small to medium-sized concrete bridges (see new Solution Details page

Bridge engineering automated vehicle application, integrated within STAAD.Pro (see new Solution Details page