Railway Maintenance Decision Support System


Optram is a comprehensive decision support system that enables proactive management of railway assets. Through the ability to compare and analyze volumes of current and historic track and rail asset data, rail professionals can greatly improve maintenance strategies and planning.


The hallmark of the Optram system is a unique visual framework that enables users to correlate and view railway information in meaningful ways. By having the right information at hand – and the critical ability to work directly with the visualized data – users dramatically improve the effectiveness of work planning decisions on the railway network. Optram’s analysis and forecasting tools help users plan preventive maintenance and optimize capital project planning. In addition, data automation tools streamline the day-to-day management of the Optram system and data import.


With Optram, railway executives, engineers, field staff, maintenance managers, and renewal contractors benefit from a consolidated source of asset information – a source to which they also contribute. By improving the effectiveness of corridor asset management, maintenance managers and planners substantially increase the safety, performance, and reliability of the railway network.