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Asset Lifecycle Information Management

ProjectWise is a project team collaboration software platform for the design and construction of capital projects.


With ProjectWise, everyone can collaborate on projects that reflect how today’s interdisciplinary project teams actually work. Distributed team members can use their own applications and file formats in their own locations. And through ProjectWise, they can quickly find, share, and interact with appropriately managed, interrelated engineering content using their preferred workflows. ProjectWise complies with BS 1192 standards for the development, organization, and management of production information.


AssetWise helps owner-operators achieve world-class asset performance and proactively manage asset lifecycles with assured information integrity through a range of specific applications depending on your company needs.

Project Management and Collaboration

Connecting People and Information Across Distributed Teams

AssetWise Lifecycle Information Management

Integrated Asset Management of Transportation Infrastructure

Railway Maintenance Decision Support System

Facilitate Integration, Manage Change, and Ensure Data Quality enabling Lifecycle Management of Corporate Records and Associated Information ensuring relevant, trusted information, in context – where and when it is needed


Inspection, Maintenance, and Asset Management for Transportation Infrastructure: Bridge, Tunnel, Road, Rail, and Transit